About Us

Bishop Lee Price

Our Mission

The Austin Restoration Ministries is a ministry called to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ. A ministry dedicated to reaching out to drug addicts, alcoholics and anyone that is lost and dying in sin throughout the City of Austin and its surrounding areas. Comprised of individuals that operate in a spirit of excellence, the Austin Restoration Ministries will go to any lengths to go and fulfill the "Great Commission" that has been given to us by the Lord God Jesus Christ.It is in the best interest of the Austin Restoration Ministries family that we continue to provide a safe and conducive environment for individuals that are looking for a change. Our goal as a family is to see to it that each and every individual that walks through the doors of the Austin Restoration Ministries develop a relationship with the Lord God Jesus Christ as well as to be restored to their families and the community.


"Building Success

Not Excuses"